Intensive Outpatient Program

What do you do when you need more freedom than an inpatient facility provides, but you can’t spend as much time that is required in a partial hospitalization setting? Intensive outpatient programs are a type of rehab that clients attend for at least three days for two to four hours per day while clients live at home and continue to go to work or school. An intensive outpatient program is a great option for those who have a tighter schedule but need professional help with their addiction.

What is Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

An intensive outpatient program is a treatment program that is suitable for some clients who need professional substance abuse treatment. The program provides an assessment and treatment services at a significantly lower cost than an inpatient rehabilitation program. Intensive outpatient programs are intended for individuals who are 18 years old or older and need primary treatment for alcohol or drug addiction. Intensive outpatient treatments are recommended for clients who don’t need a medically-supervised detox or for those who have already completed a treatment program and need additional support.

Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment

While intensive outpatient programs don’t require as much time as an inpatient program, there is still a significant time commitment needed for at least three days a week for two to four hours per day. With that said, there are several benefits to be had while in an intensive outpatient program. The benefits that can be experienced include:

  • Achieving and maintaining abstinence: The primary goal of intensive outpatient treatment is to have clients become clean and sober, along with maintaining their sobriety. For some, having a program that allows them to keep their current schedule while going attending a rehab program is the best way to achieve this significant hurdle in recovery.
  • Learning new problem-solving skills: In active addiction, clients would numb the pain of their problems with drugs or alcohol. Now, they need to get to solve their problems without turning to substance abuse. Clients will learn valuable skills to help them solve problems more quickly.
  • Addressing the underlying reasons for addiction: Clients will have the opportunity to dig deep into why they turned to drugs or alcohol in the first place. This can bring an enormous sense of relief to clients and give them a better understanding of themselves and their addiction.
  • Improving coping skills: Being able to cope with addiction long after treatment is complete is vital for a long-term and healthy recovery. Clients will learn new coping skills so they can handle any situation with ease.
  • Develop a positive support system: Clients will learn how they can develop a positive support system so they can maintain sobriety more quickly.
  • Implement healthier and more positive lifestyle changes: Lifestyle changes are necessary to have a successful recovery. Clients will learn what changes they can make that will make a life of sobriety easier and more comfortable.

Find out More About the Intensive Outpatient Program at Serenity

When looking at types of treatment programs, it can feel as though none of them fit your needs correctly. We know that some people give up on receiving treatment altogether because they haven’t been able to find the right treatment program for them. There are several options available to individuals who need professional help with their addiction, and we never want a person to feel as though they can’t receive treatment. This is why we offer intensive outpatient treatment programs at our facility. Our goal is for all of our patients to have a successful recovery, along with having a good experience at our facility. Our staff has the experience and knowledge needed to help our patients recover from their addictions safely.

At Serenity Point Rehabilitation, our founders have done years of research on the subjects of detoxification, addiction, and rehabilitation to create a program that works for multiple types of people. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and want to learn how the intensive outpatient program can be of benefit, call us at our toll-free number to speak with one of our advisors.

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