Our medically supervised detoxification program is the first step in a client’s addiction rehabilitation journey. At Serenity Point Recovery, we understand the difficulties of detoxing from drugs or alcohol. For this reason, we make sure the process is as safe and manageable as possible.

The goal of detox is to cleanse the body of all traces of the addictive substance and prepare the person to enter the rehabilitation stage of treatment.

What to Expect at Our Detoxification Facility

Our detox program weans clients away from chemical dependency. Clients benefit from nutritious snacks and supplements, relaxation, and exercise routines. This method enhances the individual’s physical and mental well-being and significantly reduces the symptoms of withdrawal.

After the initial intake procedure is completed, clients are introduced to their treatment team. This team consists of registered nurses, counselors, case managers, facilitators, and physicians. As soon as the overall intake process is complete, a case manager makes contact with the client’s family within 24 hours to give an update.

Staying Focused While Detoxification

It is important for clients to stay busy and focused during this time. With this in mind, we provide a variety of activities such as a game room to help clients avoid withdrawal complicationsdetoxification and get the most out of their detoxification and rehabilitation program.

Healing the Whole Person

Our clients’ successful recovery is a result of our dedication, expertise, and compassion combined with hard work and determination on the client’s part. Additionally, our program is designed to address the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of addiction with the goal of healing the whole person for a lasting recovery.

As the first step in addiction recovery, detoxification is the most important step.  Unless the body is free from cravings, the person is unable to focus on learning the skills to avoid relapse after completing rehab.

If you are ready to enter treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, please contact us now, and we will help you choose a detoxification program best suited for your needs.


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