Crooked Thinking

Crooked ThinkingOne of the worst things that can happen to an active drug or alcohol addict or to an addict who is going through recovery is for crooked thinking to set in. Crooked thinking primarily involves an individual either experiencing or knowingly creating self-defeating and self-depreciating thoughts that put that addict in a bad place mentally and spiritually.  These would be thoughts that would set anyone on a path of destruction whether they were addicted to a substance or not.  Crooked thinking ruins the mindset of an individual, and it sets them up for failure. When one engages in a crooked thinking, they may intentionally hurt others to go about getting what they need, even unintentionally.  Either way, they justify their actions, their thoughts, and the decisions they make for numerous reasons which are the epitome of crooked thinking like:

  • They blame their parents for everything and are just “going in their same footsteps.”
  • They blame others for situations that they cannot cope with, and they say that others drove them to numb the pain that was put on them by abusing drugs and alcohol.
  • They insist that they are settling for the thought that they are an addict and know it is the way it will always be.
  • They insist that everyone thinks that they are a bad person so they might as well live up to that reputation and be that bad person.
  • They say that addiction and substance abuse is the only thing that made them feel good and right in the world so they should just keep doing that and not worry about anything else or anyone else.
  • They insist that they were driven to abuse drugs and alcohol by someone else and that someone else’s “crimes” are what caused them to be who they are today, no matter how ludicrous those “crimes” might be.
  • They believe that they are not at fault and that they are victims of “the system” or “the establishment.”
  • They have themselves convinced that addiction is a natural occurrence and that it is something normal or usual that appears on a regular basis.  They don’t see anything wrong with it.  They are blind to the adverse effects of it.
  • They set up a mental configuration in their minds that put substances as the “ally,” in their minds and those who try to get them to stop taking such substances as the “enemy.”

A Decade of Addressing Crooked Thinking

The concept and the realization that was had about crooked thinking did not come about until relatively recently.  Indeed, this is pretty new data when it comes to addressing addiction and substance abuse problems.  It hasn’t been that long at all that people have known about crooked thinking or at least if there was a name for it, or people did know about it, they certainly did not know enough about it to give it a name or use it effectively in addiction recovery support.

About a decade ago that all changed when addictionologist coined the term, “Crooked Thinking”, and they developed a way to address it properly.  This was quite groundbreaking and beneficial for addicts.  Now, there was finally knowledge of exactly what was going through their minds when they were abusing drugs and alcohol.  There was awareness of just how bad addiction had gotten in any given area or place if one could understand the minds of addicts.

With Crooked Thinking Therapy and other methods of addressing these issues, progress finally started being made in addressing these issues effectively and with certainty once and for all.

Cognitive Processing Used at Serenity

The way we tackle crooked thinking of Serenity is with Cognitive Processing.  Cognitive processing is a method of thinking that enables an individual to sift through all of his or her mental constructs and methods of thinking and sift out which ones are accurate and beneficial and which ones are false, incorrect, or otherwise unhelpful or harmful in some way.  Cognitive processing has essentially unlimited uses and is very, very helpful and beneficial to say the least.  It has certainly led Serenity to be able to help thousands of addicts banish the various dangerous and damaging aspects of crooked thinking and achieve a state wherein they can live, breathe, and think analytically and not crookedly.

Cognitive processing is a highly effective mechanism when used correctly.  It is a two-step process:

  1. It opens a person’s eyes to crooked thinking patterns and exposes them.
  2. Shows an individual how to think properly, responsibly, and with care and attention paid to others with an emphasis on overall health and spiritual well-being.

This is a powerful tool in addiction rehabilitation.  Serenity is proud to have it as a part of our arsenal for helping our clients overcome addiction once and for all.

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