Anger Management

Anger ManagementAlmost all individuals are guaranteed to experience feelings of anger once in a while. Sometimes these feelings can go over board and the need for anger management may be present. Such emotions are natural and human, and they usually occur when people feel frustrated, mistreated, cheated, or let down in some way.  The person who has become angry can become openly aggressive or antagonistic, or they might even go about exhibiting behaviors or attitudes of passive aggressiveness or covert hostility. Excessive anger and frustration and fury can be dangerous indeed because it always comes with a whole array of physical, emotional, and social consequences that, when not handled properly, can make matters quite worse long before they get any better.

Anger can also be a highly destructive emotion and thought the process for those who are working on their sobriety and who are in recovery from addiction.  The reason for this particular concern when it comes to anger management from the standpoint of addiction is that an outburst of anger can lead to a relapse.

Anger by itself is a natural phenomenon and is an ordinary human experience.  However, that does not mean it is okay. Recovering addicts to a degree are very sensitive and potentially at risk individuals.  Some would say they are even akin to ticking time bombs for always having to be careful what they do and say.  They act for fear of doing or saying something that might either set themselves off on their own, or that they might be set off just by being around something that might do something in some way, shape, or form that triggers them.

  • Anger management is an educational, practical, and preventative and constructive counseling method that seeks to teach people just how to address and resolve their anger constructively should an outburst come up.
  • This management also goes over the triggers and causes of anger and what happens in an individual’s life that might cause such anger.
  • Anger management further goes on to set up preventative measures to try to reduce the potential occurrences of such anger in an individual.
  • Finally, anger management also seeks to impart upon a person that an angry outburst is not the end of the world; that anger is natural, and that anger is something that happens to a lot of different people who fall under a lot of different circumstances.
  • All in all, anger management is something that can be relied upon to help people and make their lives easier by taking away a lot of the anger itself.

Anger Management Throughout the Years

Anger management is a therapy has gained popularity since the 1970s. It has also been applied to addiction treatment for many years.  The truth is, anger management is not a new science, but rather it is an old one and a well proven one.  It has been applied to the rehabilitation and recovery of those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol for a few decades now, and its use has been met with success and positive feedback.

Anger management made its biggest impression in the early 2000s in the category of substance abuse and anger.  In this period, though it had been applied to addicts in the past, it became a crucial part of any recovery program or organization.

How Serenity Uses Anger Management and Its Benefits

Anger management goes far ways to helping people and setting them to ease in their lives.  Some of the techniques that the staff at Serenity use to apply anger management are:

  1. Mindfulness Meditation is an excellent tool for anger management, as it can be highly beneficial in helping people control their emotions.  This type of therapy specifically allows individuals to understand these emotions better and see them for what they are.  It is a successful method, and it is used here at Serenity.
  2. Some anger management techniques could easily involve something as straightforward as going for a long walk rather than confronting an individual that one is angry at.  This gives them time to cool down and relax and become more analytical.
  3. We also use exercise as a form of anger management, and the endorphin release and the physical benefits of getting exercise improve one’s overall anger levels.
  4. We also get our clients to sit down one-on-one with a counselor or therapies and look at the real cause of irrational anger outbursts.  Finding the exact cause of the anger will do wonders to resolve it.

Anger management is highly helpful and beneficial.  Thousands of clients from all around the nation have already benefited from anger management at Serenity.

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