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We know that the location of the actual facility itself where one goes to rehab can make a pretty big difference in his or her overall experience in rehab. Surprisingly enough, though, no one needs beaches, palm trees, and ocean-front views to beat addiction. A rehab center and a resort are two different things, and when people try to combine them, it doesn’t make a difference in the quality of the rehabilitation program itself. Sometimes it even detracts from it as a distraction from the primary goal and purpose of beating addiction once and for all. Realistically, though, there are a few factors that the rehab center does need to have in place to ensure a peaceful, safe, and most importantly, a successful experience.

The Rehab Center Location

Our rehab center is not near any big cities, which is crucial for the effectiveness of a recovery center. A rehab program can be the most beautiful facility in the world, but if it is crammed into the heart of the hustle and bustle of a busy city, then that will detract from the overall efficacy of the program. Recovering addicts need to be able to concentrate. They need to be able to be at peace. They need to have the opportunity to remove themselves from the continuous movement of the city life and get out into the quiet and peace of small town or country life. For this reason, Serenity is located in the small, quaint, historical, and pleasant town of Marne, Michigan.

The Center Itself

The location of our center is perfect to bring about strong and lasting rehabilitation. Clients can be close to nature and far away from big noises, distractions, and reminders of drug and alcohol abuse. We’ve found that this makes for the best rehabilitation experience.

Our center itself is quite comfortable and homelike. The bedrooms are pleasant and welcoming. Our bedding is comfortable, and each bedroom can be added to by our clients if they want to bring pictures of family to remind them of their support group and their loved ones while they are in treatment.

The Meal Plans

At Serenity, we have a shared dining area, where the meal plan is put together by a trained nutritionist so our clients can get healthy but also enjoy tasty meals. Too often, addicts go for extended periods of time without proper meals.  We have adjusted to accommodate for that, and we pride ourselves in the culinary proficiency of our kitchen team. Clients enjoy eating here and making friends in the dining area, and the meals are quite varied day-to-day, giving clients a surprise to look forward to on a daily basis.

Applying Physical Exercise

Addiction is something that affects the mind, body, and spirit. One of the best ways to heal the body, especially after rehab, is physical exercise. For this reason, we have a fully equipped and up to date gym in our rehab center where clients can get some much-enjoyed exercise after a hard day’s work on their programs. Our gym has weights, machines, treadmills, and other workout equipment, and there’s enough of it to satisfy the needs of essentially any exercise enthusiast.

Down Time and Recreational Activities

At Serenity, we also have a game room and a music room too. Our clients just love these areas because it gives them something to do at the end of the day when they are winding down from several hours of counseling, group sessions, classes, life skills, and many other essential parts of their individualized programs. The game room has different games that clients can play, and the music room has different musical instruments that they can also practice with during their time here. We encourage time to be spent in both places as social interaction with people who share a like-minded goal and the playing of musical instruments together and practicing any art form for that matter are all conducive to successful rehabilitation.

How Our Facility Helps

Our facility has what it takes to rehabilitate our clients effectively. We have a well-established program, and our facility and all that it has to offer is correctly set up to assist each and every client in beating addiction once and for all. We’ve put together our facility and structured our program in such a ways that they can both be entirely conducive to the proper, efficient, and comfortable rehabilitation of addiction.

Any rehab facility should be set up in such a way that promotes recovery and sobriety, and ours accomplishes that goal perfectly. We know that our clients will benefit from staying with us at our facility for the duration of their program, and their stay with us will stand out for years to come as a memorable occasion. Our facility is keynoted with comfort and a home-like feel, but it is also structured in such a way that promotes complete sobriety and absence and just adds to the overall strength of our rehabilitation program itself.

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