Success Stories

Serenity Point Rehab Success Stories

Brandon A.

When I first started doing eyes open and eyes closed, I couldn’t even go 5 minutes without having severe pain. In my neck and back from rodeo injuries, I would have to read just my poster and stretch my neck and back out. After repetitive drilling, I was able to do an hour of each without so much as a twitch or any sensation of pain. It was a great win for myself!

Carlee E.

All my life, all I’ve ever done was run from things, run from my problems, my emotions, and even from myself. I did everything I could to numb myself from reality. I suffered for a very long time with intense anxiety and PTSD. I felt as if there was no other solutions to my problems other than drugs and acting out. After my roommate (and best friend) convinced me to come to ACC almost immediately I was hooked. I knew if I actually wanted to change and save my life, this was the class for me. It was hard at first but with the help of Richie and BJ, and my twin, it slowly got easier. I am now able to talk about my problems, the things that bother me and speak on my past. I can sleep comfortably through the night and feel comfortable in my own skin. This course saved my life, and I am beyond grateful for everything it has done for me. Not only do I see a change in myself but others can as well. I learned a lot about myself and realized that it is possible to have fun sober and miracles happen and dreams do come true! I now know and feel that I am going to be able to go into society and confront and face the things that I once ran from. I recommend this class to anyone that honestly and sincerely wants to change. Thank you Richie and BJ for everything you’ve done. I will never be able to express how thankful I am for you too. You guys and this class were my saving grace.

Glen T.

I came for the first time and thought BSM was too “cooky” for me. Decided to return a few days later, hunkered down into the readings, and I found three very, very valuable tools to be a better and more effective communicator, a better and more competent reader, and a more keen learner. Hang in there…it will help!

Nolan H.

Communication had helped me immensely deal with my anger issues, and it helped me to push through my problems rather than run for them. The Ethics Book helped me to realize that my actions not only affected me but my family and the people around me. I see life as an integrated circle of dynamics and I have love for each other. I love more now that my ethics are in!

Tommy B.

I did open eyes routine yesterday, and I had a win. It was spiritual, like a natural high. I felt sort of like I was coming out of a trance, or waking up and feeling different, stronger mentally. It was awesome, a true win!

Trevor M.

Up until I started ACC every phone call I have had with my daughter’s mom has ended with me getting extremely mad. I didn’t think the TRs worked. One night I decided I was going to call and use communication instead of avoiding phones. The conversation started as always, but this time I was able to control the situation and turn it around. It ended up being the best conversation I have had with her in a very long time. I now know that TRs work and should always be applied in life.

Bryan T.

I experience a lot of anxiety, I’ve been to ACC twice now, and already I can sit down calmly. It may not last but the next couple of hours. But I do believe with more communication this calmness can be constant.

Hailee D.

WINS for days! I struggle with “ADD” which is just an excuse for me to interrupt people and blurt out my thoughts or to change the song 30 seconds deep (ADDJ) but, through ACC I’m working my way to being a better listener. The communication course helps me close conversations or keep them flowing I’m learning control of my emotions and how to confront them when they arise I cannot wait to start over. Every class I grow into a better human being.

One Love.

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James M.

The communication course is awesome!! I’ve gotten way more patient and comfortable in my environment. I get more & more wins every day. Life is good CLEAN & SOBER!!

Hugh C.

Here at Serenity Point Recovery I have had my good days and my bad days. It has truly been a long journey, but I can honestly say that my time here has made me a better person. Being here has opened up a whole new path in my life that I once considered lost. I see myself believing in myself again. I see myself dreaming again, but even more than that I see myself being happy again. I have nothing but respect and gratitude for all the staff here and I feel as if it would be a dream come true for me to become a staff member here as well. What happens here is nothing short of miracles. It would mean the world to me to be involved in all the great things that go on here day by day. Just from my own personal experience I have seen the angriest most hard to get along with people do a complete 180 with nothing but a little understanding and a helping hand. I have been here for 67 days and have met some truly amazing people. I try my hardest to put a smile on everyone’s face because maybe one day won’t be so great and they will try to put a smile on mine. I firmly believe that there is good in every one of us and everyone deserves a second chance. To work here and be able to give people that second chance makes me feel as if I did all the things that I did for a reason and that reason was to work here at Serenity Point Recovery returning the favor that was given to me. Thank you for your consideration.

Dayna Cosdi

I was a heroin addict for about two years, and then I had that moment of clarity that if I continued my journey, I would probably not be alive to be here today to tell you that the high wasn’t worth it. When I got here, I walked through like “what did I just do.” But let me tell you the first two weeks was hell. If I could go back in time and tell myself it will get better and you’ll be the happiest you’ve been in a while I would. All of the whining and complaining was not worth it. This place (Serenity), this program, these people, they grow on you. I will all start to make sense. When they tell you “this too shall pass,” it will. And try and participate in everything you can, especially the horse ranch. The work is worth everything, and you’ll realize how rewarding an honest day’s work is. Thank you, everyone, for helping me rediscover me.

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