24 May, 2015
Children of Addicted Parents

How to Help the Child of Addicted Parents

Knowing how to help a child whose parents are addicts is a tricky subject. Here are some ways that you can help without being intrusive or causing more problems for the children of addicted parents. Get Help for the Parents In an ideal world, the parents will already recognize that […]
26 May, 2015

What Determines if Someone is An Alcoholic?

Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence, is on the severe end of the alcohol disorder spectrum. This is a dangerous pattern that has the potential to turn destructive for the alcoholic; it is a tolerance to, or withdrawal from the substance (alcohol). This type of disorder has the ability to […]
28 May, 2015
Social Media and Drug Addiction

Does Social Media Play a Role in Drug Addiction?

Many people don’t know that social media can influence whether a person decides to use and abuse drugs and whether they ultimately become addicted. Today, almost everyone in the first world is hooked up to at least one social media network. Some people only spend a few minutes on these […]
30 May, 2015
Addicted Sibling

Growing Up With An Addicted Sibling

Individuals who grew up with siblings who were addicted to drugs or alcohol often describe their home life as chaotic, stressful, and depressing. In addition to the normal challenges of growing up and going through adolescence, children who grow up with an addicted sibling deal with violent behavior, erratic behavior, […]
1 June, 2015

Can a Person Get Addicted to a Drug After One Use?

Does the drug actually exist that can cause a person to be addicted after one use? Is this something dependent upon a person’s genetic makeup that predisposes him or her to addiction? Leonardo DaVinci once said “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your […]
3 June, 2015
Facts About Drug Addiction

Little Known Facts About Drug Addiction and Why They Matter

Do you know someone who is addicted to drugs? Have you witnessed a loved one succumb to the power of drug abuse and die? Do you want to help others stay away from harmful drugs that have the power to not only destroy their lives but the lives of the […]
5 June, 2015
Lies Addicts Tell

7 Lies Addicts Tell Themselves and Everyone Else

Once someone becomes an addict, life becomes a game of keep away. Everything is shaded and shrouded in lies addicts tell to themselves and to those around them. This is a sad existence, but as an addict, you aren’t thinking clearly. You are too troubled to see what you are […]
7 June, 2015
Drug Addiction Problems

Get Rid of Drug Addiction Problems Once and For All

Are you someone who is struggling with drug addiction or abuse right now? Have you admitted to yourself that you cannot continue in the present state? Are you ready to take the steps necessary to gain power over drug addiction problems in your life and to move forward as a […]

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