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opiate abuse

The Long-Term Side Effects of Opiate Abuse

Opiates are substances such as morphine, heroin, and thebaine that are used for pain management and laugh suppression. Although, they are the most abused drugs in the United States because they are easy for people to find, unhesitatingly prescribed, and extremely addictive. Opiate Addiction Opiate addiction is a serious issue …

synthetic drug addiction

Spice and the Synthetic Drug Addiction

For nearly twenty years now, drugs being marketed as “spice” have been circulating on the streets.  The spice drug, also called synthetic marijuana, K2, fake weed, Skunk, Yucatan Fire, Moon Rocks, or any other number of names, has little (if anything) in common with marijuana.   Such drugs are also incredibly …

addicts lie

Why Addicts Lie

To understand why addicts lie, we must remember that people lie for many reasons.  In fact, new research reveals that many people …

success of drug rehab

The Success of Drug Rehab

The turmoil and agony of an addiction can increase when families research drug rehab options. The first issue is the cost. Substance …