Understanding the Spiritual Slavery of Addiction

The statistics regarding addictions in the people of the United States are astronomical. For example, greenfacts.org states that a beautiful 75 million people have a problem with alcohol abuse. The aamft.org website claims that more than 12 million people have sexual addictions. The drugabuse.org site states the number of people who have drug addictions as being more than 23 million. Specialists have different viewpoints on the cause of slavery of addiction, and many of them tend to believe that dependence can occur from a spiritual aspect.

Feeling Trapped Indefinitely – Slavery of Addiction

The concept of spiritual slavery of addiction states that one can be in a place of spiritual bondage to addiction. The weight of the addiction feels so heavy on the addicted person that he or she feels trapped indefinitely. All attempts from the person to release himself or herself from this bondage seem to result in emotional, physical and psychological withdrawal. All three types of withdrawals can have a spiritual nature to them, and they can all be severely painful. The philosophy behind spiritual bondage is that it comes from a place of darkness, and a person can only combat such darkness by finding a support group that can shed light on the situation as well as leads the person to the higher power.

The physical signs of withdrawal from drug abuse may include symptoms such as muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Many people tend to get restless leg syndrome, as well. The psychological symptoms of withdrawal may include symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and irritation. The good news is that an addicted person can work towards getting free from the cycle of addiction. Recovery will most likely take a multilayered treatment plan that consists of several sources of inspiration.

Treating the Whole Person

The first step in any addiction recovery is detoxification. The addicted person will have to go through a period during which he or she runs the addictive substance out of the system. The period of detoxification can last anywhere from three days to two weeks depending on the substance and the length of the addiction. After the person detoxes, he or she can then move along to the rehabilitation steps of recovery.

Some of the treatment options that help a person reconnect with their spirituality include meditation, relaxation techniques, music and art therapy, fitness routines, aromatherapy, and nutritional guidance.  There are also options for those who wish to include a faith-based element to their program by attending prayer sessions, weekly sermons, etc.  Many rehab facilities offer faith-based treatment for specific religious preferences such as Baptist, Catholic, Buddhist, and much more.  Today, a person has the option of creating the type of program that fits their needs and preferences.

The Road to Recovery

The road to spiritual recovery consists of several steps. After detox, the addicted persons will want to speak to some people who have been through the same problems. Group therapy is an excellent meeting during which addicted persons get together and speak to each other about their trials and challenges. They may also share stories of triumphs and successful recovery strategies.

The key to spiritual wellness is to understand that it does not have to relate to a specific higher power. Spirituality simply allows a person to feel a calmness or serenity within themselves that can help them stand strong against temptations.

Call Someone Today

A reliable recovery center is available for persons who want to get over alcohol or drug addiction. A substance-free life away from the slavery of addiction is possible, but a person has to be willing to reach for it.

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