Addictions We Treat

AddictionsAt Serenity Point Rehabilitation, we know that there is no “one size fits all” approach to treatment. There is no such thing as a single program that can rehabilitate addiction in every single individual. This is why our founders spent years researching detoxification, addictions, and rehabilitation in order to put together a program that works for many people.

We are very much aware of how many drugs and substances can cause addictions and it is part of our purpose to do something about it. We want to do everything we can to get those who are struggling with addiction clean and sober.

Addictions That are Treated

We offer addiction treatment programs for a large number of addictions, including:

  • Painkillers: Painkillers can be used for short periods of time to provide pain relief to patients, however, they can also become addictive. Prescription painkillers are rarely addictive when used under the supervision of a medical professional. However, when painkillers are used extensively or recreationally, they can become addictive. Rehabilitation is needed when patients become addicted to painkillers.
  • Opiates: Drugs such as heroin, narcotic painkillers, and morphine are all considered opiate drugs. Opiates can be safe if used exactly as instructed by a doctor. However, opiates cause physical and psychological dependency, even for those who are prescribed it by a doctor.
  • Heroin: Heroin is made from morphine, which is taken from various opium poppy plants. Heroin, also known as big H, horse, hell dust, and smack, can be injected, snorted or smoked. Heroin is extremely addictive and causes psychological dependency on its users.
  • Cocaine: Cocaine changes parts of the brain and creates problems with interpersonal relationships, families and within the workplace. Medical care, proper nutrition, and detoxification is a minimum requirement for treating cocaine.
  • OxyContin: OxyContin is a painkiller that gives a euphoric high, which intensifies when it is in crushed form. OxyContin causes shifts in the chemistry of the brain, psychological issues and increases the body’s tolerance to the drug.
  • Oxycodone: Oxycodone is a prescription drug, and while it can be safe to use when under medical supervision, it is enough to trigger an addiction. Recovering from an oxycodone addiction can be difficult, however, a professional rehabilitation facility makes the process smoother and easier.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is a big part of many people’s lives, but it has consumed the lives of many. Alcohol addiction affects the user, their family, friends, and others in their environment. Alcohol addiction can be treated with a proper treatment program.
  • Methamphetamine: Street methamphetamine is forbidden by the law and causes long and short-term side effects that are severe. Meth can have a large negative impact on a person physically, psychologically and behaviorally.
  • Vicodin: Vicodin is a prescription painkiller that is prescribed to treat moderate pain. However, this drug can easily be misused and abused, making it highly addictive.

Recovering from Addiction

It’s a wonderful and exciting day when a person graduates their treatment program and knows that they defeated addiction. We want all people who are struggling with an addiction to experience this same feeling. The success stories from our past patients give us hope for the future and give us the drive to continue what we are doing. Our goal is for all our patients to have a successful recovery and to have a good experience at our facility. We know what needs to be done in order to help our patients get off drugs safely.

We understand that each individual has their own needs or wants, which is why the founders of Serenity Point Rehabilitation have spent years researching the subjects of detoxification, addictions, and rehabilitation to create a program that works for several different types of people. If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction and want to know how our rehab facility can help, call our toll-free number to speak with one of our advisors.

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