Events and Activities at Serenity Point Recovery

Events at Serenity help with recovery. At Serenity Point Recovery, we believe that our clients should not only experience a broad range of different activities and day-to-day adventures, but they should also have the opportunity to engage in various special events. We ensure that our clients can have a chance to be a part of all of these beneficial activities and events at Serenity, all designed to enhance and bolster their overall recovery experience.

In every aspect of Serenity’s program, we make every little detail about recovery. To do this, each of our activities and regular events in some way contributes to our clients’ recovery process. The whole goal and target here are to send them home graduated from the program and totally clean and sober from drugs and alcohol, so we make every waking moment of their lives with us about achieving just that very goal. Every activity and event reflect back on staying sober, increasing responsibility, and preparing for the future. “Recovery,” is the keynote of our rehabilitation modality.

Activities and Events at Serenity Make Lasting Memories and Lasting Tools for Sobriety

We at Serenity believe that the more active and engaged we can get each client, not only the better experience they will have with us but the higher the chances that they will have of staying clean and sober for the rest of their lives. Just some of our activities and events include:

Martial Arts at Serenity Rehab

Martial arts is one of the oldest physical regimens still in use today. It hails from Asia and has been used time and time again for thousands of years to strengthen discipline, personal resolve, and strength of mind in those who practice it. Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Ju Jitsu, and other forms of Martial Arts are known all around the world for their philosophies that encourage education in self-discipline, peace of mind, dedication, perseverance, and self-confidence in all areas of life, and personal integrity. When it comes to people, who abuse drugs and alcohol, these qualities and individual characteristics are often nonexistent or are poorly low. Our martial arts activities not only give our clients a chance to exercise and have some fun, but it also helps mold their state of mind into one of courage and resolution that is needed to stay sober for eternity.

Serenity’s Creative Expression Classes

A significant cause of relapse is a reemergence of old emotions, thought patterns, or states of mind that used to cause substance abuse in the first place. This is what creates almost all relapses. At Serenity, we have made efforts to correct that by adding Creative Expression activities and studies into our program. Creative Expression Therapy pertains to any addiction therapy that includes using some form of artistic creation or activity to work out emotions and thought patterns involving addiction that might be difficult to use words to communicate. There are so many different ways that humans convey thoughts and ideas, and the spoken word is only one of them. A lot of drug and alcohol abusers struggle to, “find the words,” so to speak. We’ve made Creative Expression a big part of our program, and we’ve included music, visual arts, writing, drawing, poetry, and other forms of artistic mediums of expression to help as many of our clients as possible express themselves and push past their barriers.

Therapy Activities

We’ve noticed a trend in the United States, and that is that addiction to opiate prescription drugs, psychiatric drugs, and pharmaceutical drugs, in general, is now a serious epidemic. The last thing we want to do is include such drugs in our treatment model, so we offer healing and confidence building activities instead. So much of addiction has to do with the mind, the spirit, the psyche, and the person. In fact, most professionals believe that addiction is about seventy to eighty percent mental and only twenty to thirty percent physical. For this reason, the focus in rehab needs to be realistically on the mind and spirit of the person, not his or her chemical dependency problem. This is why we have a variety of activities.

These therapies also improve the body, which in turn enhances the mind as well. Our staff at Serenity have seen hundreds of clients experience breakthroughs and milestones from physical activity alone, so we know the importance of including these activities and therapies.

Recovery Palooza, Walk Like MADD & So Much More

At Serenity, we take every opportunity we can to get our clients involved in qualified, applicable local events. Addiction is not something that is beaten alone, and sobriety is not something that is held onto for any length of time alone. For this reason, we want our clients to make their recovery a community effort. One of our first events in the community was, “Walk Like MADD,” a walk to raise awareness on drunk driving and alcoholism in the United States. We also participated in our first annual Recovery Palooza with local rehabilitation centers, held a concert with Jared Blake at our facility and donated and helped many local organizations and charities through the holidays.

Over the last few months, we also integrated an equestrian program where our clients can work with horses at a local ranch along with our weekly client trips.

These events at serenity are done to give clients a sense of accountability and responsibility for it, and it increases their morale to do something about it by first themselves staying sober and taking action against their addiction crisis.

Serenity is not just another rehab program. We put in the time, the effort, and the research to work out the perfect rehabilitation program that can efficiently get to the bottom of anyone’s addiction crisis. Our inclusion of events and other activities into our core program just adds to that, and each event and activity help our clients make breakthroughs and prepare them even better for a lifetime of sobriety, responsibility, and happiness.[/vc_column_text]

Videos of Events at Serenity Hosted by Serenity Point Recovery Center

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