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At Serenity Rehabilitation, we’ve taken strides to cultivate the best and the most effective and most well rounded rehabilitation program imaginable.  Our founders spent years researching addiction, detoxification, and rehabilitation, and how to put it all together in a rehabilitation program that not only works, but one that works for many, many people.

This interesting trick to rehabilitation is that there is no, “one size fits all”, approach to treatment.  There is no one, single program that will solve and rehabilitate the addiction crisis in every single individual in the nation who is addicted to drugs and alcohol.  It simply does not exist.

A lot of times addicts get jumbled up into this lump concept of being all the same and of having very slight if any differences from each other.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Addiction changes a lot of things, but it doesn’t change the fact that the person abusing drugs and alcohol is still an individual person.  He or she is still the same person regardless of the factors of addiction that are taking their toll on him or her.  His or her basic personality as an individual being is not going to change because he or she is abusing drugs and alcohol.

This is the key reason why there is no such thing as a 100% effective rehab program.  Different people will react to different treatment methods differently.  One rehab program might have a profound effect on a thirty-five year old married mom from Maryland, but that same program might not work at all for a twenty-two year old single man from Washington.  It just depends on the person and what works best for him or her.

What We Did About That

We sought to reduce the variably of potential, “unworkability”, in a rehab program by creating our very own, totally unique, and very innovative open-ended, results-based, and evidence-based inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.  What this means is that we constructed a rehabilitation treatment program around the concept that each and every client who comes to us might need something different than another client.  We put our program together in such a way that all of the clients would be able to interact and work on their recovery together, but not everyone is following the same schedule.

When an addict comes to us seeking help our trained intake counselor and evaluators will sit down with him or her and work out a treatment plan.  Then, we’ll meet with that client a week or two into the program to see how things are going and make any changes to his or her schedule as necessary.  In this way, each and every client gets a program that is tailor made, for them.  We offer a multitude of different services at our center because one of the things we realized after years of research was that, the more rehabilitation techniques an addict is able to take part in, the higher the chances are that he or she will make a full recovery.

Some of the many services our program offers include:

  • Communication Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Men and Women Groups
  • Music Exploration
  • Responsibility
  • Spirituality
  • Physical Fitness
  • Smart Recovery

What We can Do for You

Perhaps the best thing about our program is that it is not set in stone.  Remember, our priority is YOU.  If anything at all isn’t going quite right and it seems like you might not make a full recovery, we are standing at the ready to adjust and modify your program and schedule to accommodate.  We keep track of our clients’ progress as they move through treatment, as we want to ensure that each and every client has a good experience with us and achieves a lifetime of sobriety as a result of it.

Serenity is not a, “cookie cutter”, rehab program where everyone has to do the same thing all together as a group day in and day out.  This is a much more malleable program than that.  Our staff run the program this way because this is what we’ve found to be the most effective.  Furthermore, and this might be a real key to success, the length of time of our program is also based on results.

Most rehab programs will send a recovering addict on his or her way after twenty-eight days has passed, no questions asked, regardless of his or her stability in recovery.  This can and often is a huge mistake as, first of all, twenty-eight days is not nearly enough time to effectively beat an addiction.  Furthermore, what if a recovering addict is nearing a breakthrough on day twenty-seven but then gets sent home on day twenty-eight?  It would be a nightmare for that to happen.

That’s why even the very length of our program, client to client, is evidence based.  If one of our clients feels they need more time, we can give them more time.  We won’t kick them out after twenty-eight days, something many rehabs do only because that’s how long the insurance will pay for their stay.  Those few extra days can make a huge difference though, and for that we are more than willing to allow for an evidence-based length of time for our treatment programs as well.

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