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Our Addiction Treatment Program

For individuals suffering from addiction, finding the drug rehab or alcohol rehab most suitable for their needs
can be a daunting task.

Serenity Rehab offers a homelike atmosphere in a serene environment where every individual can receive
treatment for their individual needs and preferences.

smart recovery at serenity rehabilitation center
Smart Recovery

SMART Recovery is an excellent alternative to traditional “12 Step” treatment programs. SMART Recovery instead focuses on teaching patients cognitive and motivational techniques…

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spirituality classes at serenity drug and alcohol rehab center

Spirituality has been know to offer many good health benefits. There has been much research that will claim that people have an advantage when they incorporate spirituality into…

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men and women groups at serenity rehab center

One of the benefits associated with men’s and women’s groups is that it provides each gender in treatment the ability to share common experiences that will be more easily understood…

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communication skills courses at serenity rehab center
Communication Skills

Do you feel misunderstood, frustrated, and lonely? Do you find it difficult to express yourself and listen to others? Does it seem like you’re carrying the weight of the world…

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learning responsibility at serenity rehab center

Responsibility is about understanding the impact of the choices that we make, and then using that understanding to make good choices for the future.

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music exploration classes at serenity rehab center
Music Exploration

The use of music in a rehabilitation setting, sometimes referred to as music therapy, improves several different functions such as: Interpersonal, social, behavioral, and…

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learning important life skills at serenity rehab center
Life Skills

Life skills are just some of the tools provided by Serenity Rehab, and they can be very effective at keeping recovering addicts on the right track. The importance of life skills…

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Physical Fitness

When enrolled in an inpatient treatment facility, a patient will follow a structured schedule which will include time for exercise. Almost all inpatient treatment facilities…

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Why Choose Serenity Rehab Center

When the chaotic surroundings of addiction have overtaken your life, find a place of serenity in our alcohol and drug addiction center where you can recover in a peaceful environment which is a safe haven from your daily struggles with alcohol or drug abuse. We offer state of the art treatment programs to help you achieve recovery.

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